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September 13, 2005

My quest for the perfect meatball sandwich

Since moving to the pacific northwest,  I have longed for two things which I cannot order over the internet.   Both of them sandwiches.       A nice meatball sub, and a Steak and Cheese. 

My Cheese Steak quest will need to continue, but I know where to get that meatball fix now.

Salumi.     A hole in the wall, in the scariest part of pioneer square.     You will know you have found the place when you see the line outside the building of well dressed people waiting patiently.  The food was just amazing.    Tuesday - Friday 11am to 4pm.    Next time I think I will go later to avoid the crowd.    As good as the meatball sandwich was I must now try everything else on that menu.   The fennel sausage or Pancetta sandwich will be what I have next time.    

I have Italian relative coming to town in a couple of weeks.   What a prefect excuse to return there.

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July 22, 2005

if you know Ian

What other cool nickname would you call him?

I still like crazy Ian, because sane people are seldom interesting.  Ian is interesting, and by interesting I don't mean weird.

Honest Ian, sounds too much like a British Abe Lincoln or a Russian car sales-mans. 

Dependable Ian \  Reliable Ian are too boring.     Talented Ian makes it sound like he has some other flaw that his talent makes up for.     See.   Crazy is not so bad.      

Crazy in a fun kind of way.  Not a men in white suits will come escort you to a padded room crazy.

Crazy, like you would have to be crazy to consider Scotty a friend.

Crazy,   like  "did you ever wonder what this 1986 Lincoln will look like with it's to chopped off with an air chisel. "  Ianslincoln

Ian is an awesome mechanic,  his knowledge of any car from any country is just amazing.  I recommend him every chance I get.

Car Medics Inc.   (206) 364-6300   14315 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA  98125

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but it was meant in the nicest possible way

So I have been typing here for a couple of months now.  Assuming no one, outside my office would ever be reading these.    I have not written about anything useful.    

Apparently, a couple of months ago,  I reffered to my friend and mechanic as "Crazy Ian".     Of course,  a customer of his was searching in google for ian's number and came across the post.   

It would have been best If I put his phone number and address.   So here it is

Car Medics Inc.    14315 Lake City Way NE    Seattle, WA 98125    <206) 364-6300

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May 27, 2005

Folklife Festival

As a live music junkie,  seattle in the summer is paradise.   From memorial day to labor day, there is great outdoor music everywhere.    

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scotty's what's that funny smell?

Nothing dear.

What are you doing in the kitchen with that coffee pot?

Brewing beer of course

I've got to try that.      

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March 13, 2005

sunday grill

Dinner030305 An assortment or hot and extra hot chourico amd some amazing fresh alaskan salmon.

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March 08, 2005


From business commentary to movie reviews....


It was a surprise movie for us, we found ourselves with some unscheduled baby sitting.  So I get home and my wife has one movie picked out, the description went something like 2 middle aged men on a week long road trip through California wine country.   And I think to my self, at least it is not a musical. 

I won't even admit the last movie my wife and I went to.   Oi it was bad.  So I was prepared for anything.  Sideways.   Never heard of it, that was better than it being some Hollywood explosion and car chase movie.    It was much better than I expected.    But don't take my word for it. 

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March 04, 2005

martha's on the loose

Ok, this is our industry so at least it is on topic.   But who cares if it isn't, it's a BLOG. 

She took her punishment like a big girl, for which she deserves plenty of respect. Now I am sure she will make a big splash in the business world.  Thing that gets me is her house arrest at her mansion.   Real punishment would be to make her come stay at my 800 SQ foot house with 2 adults and 2 children.   We've got lots more room than that cell she just left and just a little less comfortable than her Connecticut residence. 

Anyway.   How long do you think she will keep off the weight.   I say 5 weeks.    

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March 01, 2005

back to blogging

I've missed a place to rant.   Better I babble her than in real life.

I have been extra busy in the last week. Finally over a post vacation cold/sinus infection.

Our big purchase for February was a used transmission for my wife's 1989 Mercedes wagon.    Being the among the cheapest persons on earth, I needed to call around and find the lowest miles/best prices/closest one.   The nice gentlemen at Aurora Auto Wrecking sold me one for only $530.   Good old  crazy Ian at car medics did the swap.   I will pick the car up today,  I hope it works out well.

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February 16, 2005

on the boat to the magic kingdom

We have had pretty great luck with taking the steam boats vs the monorail into the magic kingdom.   With a child in a stroller, much better.   Ok, so we took the boy to disney in pajamas.  But they were micky pajamas. You try to convince a 2 yr old what is appropriate to wear to the park. 


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