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January 10, 2005

okay, maybe this week with the diet...

Oh, lordy... the south beach diet definitely did not start this weekend.  My husband made dinner last night.  The recipes were from the Balthazar cookbook.  Now I know it wasn't from the site, but if you love to cook and collect cookbooks, it's almost as good as our Tried & True (but not quite) and one of our favorites!  Roasted root vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes, and a beef roast so tender I cut it with my butter knife.    For dessert we had Mudslide ice cream...  chocolate heaven. One of our friends is a sommeiler, and contributed 2 bottles of French wine: Domain le Conte des Floris  Coteaux du Languedoc & Clos la Coutale Cahors.  The Cahors was excellent, almost black in color, very rich and perfect with red meat.

My little carb baby is back.  Pasta and bread made it to the mouth... everything else went on the floor.  So many of you have requested that I post a picture of my little guy... okay, maybe not, but here's my current favorite picture him.


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January 07, 2005

diet planning

Went out for dinner last night, so no new break-throughs on the baby food front.  Odin is good in restaurants...plenty of bread and pasta in most places, not to mention the shiny spoons and candles.  We've become pros at eating with everything cleared to one end of the table.

I've been thinking about starting the South Beach Diet again... I did Phase 1 before the holidays and lost 6 lbs!  The baby-10 needs to go.  This was one of my favorite dishes, with or without the diet -- Gingered Chicken Breast.  Yum!

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January 06, 2005

tofu dogs to the rescue!

Last night's dinner with Odin was somewhat successful!  Not only did he eat a jar of peas... he ate most of a tofu dog!  I'd read that a child has to see something 10 or 12 times before he'll eat it, and that seems to be on the low end for Odin.  Although, having eaten many an untouched tofu dog, I can't say that I blame him. 

I plan to try a version of this Grilled Cheese and Peanut Butter one night soon, with some hidded peas for color.

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January 05, 2005

well, this isn't so hard...

Have to admit... not only is this my first post, but my first blog ever... whoo-hoo!  I thought I would try to chronicle the struggle I'm having trying to feed a 13 month old (i hate it when parents always told you their kid's age in months).  His name is Odin, he's 1/2 Norwegian (mine), and my husband thinks he's a mix of Eastern European for the other half.  Any-hoo, the little guy is determined to live on cheese and pasta and consequenly weighs about 30 lbs (i hate it when parents told you how much their kids weigh).

I may work at Allrecipes, but I don't cook and so I married someone who LOVES to cook.  My husband works evenings managing restaurants (more on that later) so I'm the evening chef at our house.  So far, hiding veggies in grilled cheese sandwiches has worked moderately well.  I'll share my other gourmet creations as time goes on.  Now, how do I post this thing...?

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