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Home to Roost

Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood Allrecipes Managing Editor!  I've been with the company for five years now, but I relocated to New York City a year and a half ago.  Being in the Big City lets me do a better job of representing Allrecipes at conferences and media events, since most of the media, especially the kind that likes to talk about food, seems to be based there.  For example, last winter you just may have seen me on CNN giving you hints for your Super Bowl party.   

Right now I'm actually in Seattle though, visiting the home offices, spending time with my beloved coworkers (trust me, you'd love these guys--you should come visit sometime!) and most importantly, gorging on Thai food.  New York may think it's the food capitol of the world, but they will never beat Seattle for  sheer number-per-capita, and quality, of Thai joints (this is also true of espresso joints, but that is a rich and nuanced subject for another day).  Most Seattle residents can hold a lively discourse over what makes the perfect pad thai, or which of the 12 restaurants in a given three-block radius makes the best prig king.  As for me, it's time for me to go back to New York before I can inhale another order of four star pad kee mao.  My pants seem suspiciously snug...

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