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no snow for me.

I had wished and wished for snow over the weekend, but it never came to my house. It was really cold and it rained quite a bit. I had hoped to read more of the Chocolate book, but actually spent more time on my San Andreas game. The first chapters of the book are good, and I may just run away to France to become a chocolate taster like one woman in the book. It pretty much covers the history of chocolate, the chocolate tree (plant?) and the story of it as it is discovered by early explorers, the Spanish, the French, Swiss, Belgians etc. all in the first chapter. So, I can't imagine what the rest of the book is about. It is very engaging, and I like hearing about all of the social politics and stuff. I have tasted quite a bit of chocolate. I will list some of my favorites soon, as I will need some if I continue to read that book.

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